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Private Bachelor Parties

Let us organize you the wildest private parties


There's an art to having a true bachelor party and it's something we're not afraid to say we've mastered. A true VIP bachelor party follows the 'you only live once' concept of life and knows exactly what 'only in Thailand means'. It's an epic party, a party that goes down in history and will be bragged and talked about back home for decades to come. It's a party so wild and outrageous that only those who were there will believe it happened. These parties aren't simply about living out your dreams and fantasies but exceeding them, pushing your desires and expectations to new heights, and partying like you've never partied before.

We can organize you the party you've always fantasies, not only impressing your friends, but totally blowing their minds and making you the king of the bachelors. Our most popular parties are our luxury yacht party and private pool party, with lots of add on services, staff, and accessories, to help you customize the experience and make it historic.

We are always adding new, unique parties and if you have any ideas or desire for any kind of party, just let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it happen.

Popular service options to add to your Parties
Vip Ride
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