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Party Host Pack

With adult party games, party shots and drinks, 2 sexy helper,

Having an epic bachelor party isn’t just about adding food, alcohol, and a live DJ. Like any world class orchestra, a great party needs an awesome conductor to create that memorable symphony. So

Our Party Host Pack includes:

Party Host; our English speaking Party host is the life and soul of the party, his passion is for making sure you have the best time of your life and everything goes to plan. He will introduce lots of fun games and events to get everyone involved and in the right mood and spirit.

2 Sexy Party Helpers; just like Santa needs his little Elves, our Party Host will have two sexy young helpers dressed in themed uniform to hand out drinks and help him organize all the fun and games.

Adult Party Games; in his party chest, your host will have lots of fun accessories and adult games he can introduce, including lots of drinking games and naughty

Party Drinks; the party host and his sexy helpers will also have lots of ammunition with a selection of party shots to help enjoy the games, including 40 vodka jello shots.

We can customize our party host pack to suit any theme or party, just contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make it happen.

Let us find your dream villa, luxury yacht, plan your wild party, or design you a complete bachelor holiday experience.. Make it happen. You Only Live Once.

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