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Bodyguards and Personal Security

Smart, discreet, well trained, and client care orientated, for the ultimate VIP experience

Thailand and it’s nightlife is generally very safe but for a number of reasons you may want to have personal bodyguards or a security team join you on a night out among the bright lights of Pattaya or Bangkok. Whether it’s for peace of mind, guaranteed protection, of simply to get that full VIP treatment, we have a team of well-connect bodyguards and security specialists to take care of you.

We understand that a good bodyguard isn’t simply someone who has a bit of muscle and knows how to look tough, on the contrary, we only use bodyguards who put brains before muscle, and specialize in being discreet, smart, and with excellent at client service skills.

As well as being fully trained and qualified in security and protection services, our bodyguards have spent years around the Pattaya and Bangkok nightlife scene, working closely and familiar with the local police and the security teams and management of the vast majority of clubs and bars you are likely to visit. Their vision, knowledge, training, and connections, not only insure your total safety and security, but it also guarantees you’ll be treated with the upmost respect at the venues and establishments you enter when in their company.

Bodyguards starting from 3,000 Baht for the night

Let us find your dream villa, luxury yacht, plan your wild party, or design you a complete bachelor holiday experience.. Make it happen. You Only Live Once.

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